We make choices every single day. Most of them mean nothing1, but every once in a while you will make a big decision that you know is going to affect you in the future. Picking the girl, buying a house, making an investment, choosing to break the truth. If you’re very lucky, you’ll know your choice is validated—it was the right thing to chose at the time.

I woke up this year on my birthday—it was a working day—at 6:30am, with my alarm. I got ready, had breakfast, and got into my car. My sister called me on the way to wish me and asked me what I was doing going to work. It hadn’t struck me until then, but I wanted to be there. There’s no one to stop me from sitting at home, but it didn’t matter. It’s what I wanted to do. Two years worth of choices—choosing to leave the States after college, turn down job offers, move out of an industry I was comfortable in to one where I was a stranger—were at that moment validated.

I try to look at a choice not just in terms of loss/gain, opportunity cost etc., but also in terms of what conditions will have to be satisfied or what series of events will have to take place such that I feel my choice is validated. It’s easy to do this in business (e.g. a payback calculation for capital investment), but not so much personally. But those are the choices that really count.

  1. Don’t be that guy that spouts Chaos Theory.


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